Patent plaques and awards

Patent Plaques

We offer a variety of styles of patent plaques, display methods, and finishes, including wood, glass, lucite, and metal, perfect for any inventor's office or corporate patent plaque wall display.

Our team will work with you to customize the design of your patent plaques and corporate display programs to fit any space, from the traditional to the modern.


Patent Plaques By Material

Patent Plaque

Lucite Patent Plaques

Wood Patent Plaque

Wood Patent Plaques

Patent Plaques

Glass Patent Plaques

Patent Plaques By Series

Modern HQ Patent Plaque Series

Modern HQ Patent Plaque Series

Our exclusive TransLucite® wall patent plaques with Euro-style mounting hardware. These elegant patent plaques can be displayed individually or put together to build an impressive Patent Wall.

Genuine Patent Plaque Series

Genuine Patent Plaque Series

Genuine American patent plaques with high-gloss walnut, rosewood, or black piano finishes. Plaques are available with three metal plate colors (black, gold, and silver) and two trim underlays (gold and silver).

Modern Patent Plaque Series

Modern Patent Plaque Series

Premium quality Glass & Lucite® Patent Plaque Displays which are adorned with sleek, modern, brushed aluminum accents and intricately patterned sheet metal. Bold combination of materials, designs & process.

Recognition Patent Plaque Series

Recognition Patent Plaque Series

Affordable patent plaque wood finishes. Available in 2 sizes (9"X12" & 10.5"X13"), 4 wood plaque finishes (cherry, marble, walnut and matte black), & 4 metal plate colors (black/gold, black,silver, gold hd and silver hd).

Presentation Patent Plaque Series

Presentation Patent Plaque Series

Our Presentation Patent Plaque Series features lucite, glass and wood plaques with a main plate containing patent information and a presentation plate for additional personalization. Featuring glass, lucite and wood patent plaque options.

Portfolio Patent Plaque Series

Portfolio Patent Plaque Series

Perpetual (multiple) patent plaques are perfect for recognizing prolific inventors or showcasing corporate patent portfolios. Our perpetual patent plaque series are available with 5, 10, 20, or more plates.

Patent & Trademark Awards

Patent Award

Patent Awards

Trademark Award

Trademark Awards

Corporate Patent Programs

Let us do the planning, shipping, and reporting for you. We can develop custom awards and systems catered to your companies specific needs, saving you time and money.


We will work with you to create a cost-effective & successful IP Recognition program for your company.


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Our IP Recognition Programs are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether your company has a central corporate location or 100 locations in the US or in different countries, you can rest assured that your inventors will receive his/her recognition package in a timely matter and you will be updated with our live web-based report containing detailed information for each package from quality control to tracking information.


Contact us for more information or to create a custom management service that works for your company today. Protection Status