Artwork Info

General Information for Submitting Artwork, Text, and Logos. Our Art Staff will assist and answer any question you may have, or recommend designs & products that fit your requirements.

Submitting Logo(s)

We strongly encourage graphics to be submitted to us as a vector format file. A Vector logo is good for print media purposes where as a raster logos are good for digital/screen applications. Vector logo formats include .ai .svg .eps Raster logo formats are commonly .tiff .jpeg .gif .pcx .bmp In addition our engraved products can only accept files that are black and white. If you would like a color logo please select a product that uses sublimation printing

Approving Layout Proof(s)

Once we receive your logo(s) and text files, we will prepare artwork layout(s) for you. When the artwork layouts are complete, we will email you the layout proof(s) in Adobe PDF format.

Please proofread your award(s) carefully to minimize mistakes. Once you have reviewed our artwork proof(s), email your approval or let us know of any changes.

We will make the changes and send the revision back to you for final approval.

Submitting Text

Send your text to: artwork

Text layout can be in your email or as an attachment in word doc or txt format. Simply explain the layout in which you want your award to appear. Also if you prefer center font types, indicate the ones you want us to use.

Selecting Font(s)

You can request the font style(s) to be used in your awards by entering the name of the font(s) in the Special Requests & Instructions field on the product page as shown below:

Font Box

The following are some popular fonts that you can request. If you prefer a font that is not listed here, let us know and we will check our font library. If you are not sure which font you like, you can let our graphic designer select the fonts for you and you can give us your feedback afterwards.